Aaron Weaver

Aaron Weaver

Aaron Weaver is communications manager for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Adopting a ‘pilgrim posture,’ a group ministers to those who serve abandoned children and AIDS victims in South Africa.

A Johannesburg ministry seeks transformation in a city where 200 babies are abandoned each month.

Suzii Paynter of CBF, Brent Walker of the BJC and the SBC's Russell Moore, among other Baptist leaders, gathered at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary to discuss religious liberty issues around the nation and world.

One of the worse disasters in U.S. history left 1,800 dead and more than $100 billion in damage.

Baptist leaders say the historic, western style of short-term mission trips were more about self-fulfiment rather than transforming the lives of impoverished people. They are calling for more thoughtful, missional approaches where the goal is to participate in God’s transformative action around the world.

CBF field personnel Scarlette Jasper urges individuals and churches to become involved in advocacy and education efforts to end predatory payday lending practices that sink economically disadvantaged families further into debt.

Virginia pastor Jim Somerville closed last week’s CBF General Assembly in Dallas with a challenge “to get off your couch, and go into your community” and work to bridge America’s racial divide.

Officials say Vanuatu, a South Pacific archipelago and one of the world’s poorest nations, could run out of food in as little as a week.

Touching Miami with Love and Open House Ministries in Homestead, Fla., are merging to better serve those in need in both communities.

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