Terry Goodrich

Terry Goodrich

Terry Goodrich is assistant director of media communications at Baylor University.

Baylor University professor Joyce Nuner examines the painful and often overlooked struggle of losing a child to stillbirth or miscarriage, noting that 'it's not something we are comfortable talking about.'

Too many hours on the job and too little pay are contributing factors to the stress that leads to obesity in clergy, a Baylor University study shows.

A new ministry model is showing results in a beleagured Dallas neighborhood, where innovative ministries and programs are sparking transformation in crime rates, health care and education.

Contrary to popular belief — and media reports — Millennials and other young people are not abandoning church, says Baylor University professor Byron Johnson. And the so-called “nones” are not quite as religiously unaffiliated as many think.

Most counseling classes offered focus on premarital and couples issues, family concerns or dealing with grief.

A Baylor University sociologist finds that prayer is more effective in easing anxiety when the pray-er believes in a loving, dependable God.

But only if the person is a frequent attender, a study finds.

On the 100th anniversary of the “war to end all wars,” historian traces elements of a religious crusade in the global conflict.

Think it’s the pastor who determines political opinion in a congregation? Actually, it’s that key lay leader, according to researchers.

Author and pop culture critic Greg Garrett ponders what it says about someone who believes heaven includes none of their enemies or is merely a continuation of life on earth.

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