‘Underside’ ministry may redeem Christianity’s reputation

Marv Knox

It’s time for our society to see humble Christianity.

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I can’t just leave

Greg and Helms Jarrell

God called me here.

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This kind of denomination is dead

George Bullard

Some denominations still maintain diseased practices which require euthanasia.

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Learning to think more clearly about death

Russ Dean

Whether we to take medications to extend living, or pills that end it, Life never will be ours to control.

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A new day in America

Jonathan Waits

But will religious liberty be preserved?

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If fear wins the day

Michael Helms

Courageous acts in the face of Liberia’s Ebola crisis.

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Fliers on our windows

Alan Sherouse

What we need in this election season.

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Responding with love to mental illness

Curtis Ramsey-Lucas

A new partnership will help churches reduce stigma and provide help and healing.

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Jesus: A political enigma

Seth Vopat

Simply inserting Jesus’ first-century words in a 21st-century context is like training to play baseball only to find out you are actually playing soccer.

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The theo-politics of near/far

Jason Coker

A system of opposites shapes the way we think about the world and about each other — and colors the way we talk about divisive issues.

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This is what we do

Mark Wingfield

Given an opportunity, churches can demonstrate who they really are — and why they do what they do.

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Saints, in fact, don’t do it

Jeff Harris

All Saints’ Day celebrates the goodness of God, not of humanity.

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Freeing the web: A human rights and religious freedom agenda

Elijah Brown

70 percent of the world’s population lives where governments use technology to suppress human rights and religion.

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Does anybody really know what tithing is?

George Bullard

And does anybody really care?

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Pruning season: A time to make room for what matters

John Carroll

Autumn is a reminder that we’ll never bear vital things until we’ve been stripped bare.

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