Southeast Kentucky

Southeast Kentucky

Poverty is not part of your culture, character or identity. It’s simply a reality from which most human beings are only one catastrophe away. The challenges of life in southeast Kentucky merely augment the effects of the natural misfortunes we all face. And a person’s misfortune, whether caused by medical bills, a violent partner or a learning disability, should give us no fodder for stereotypes and discriminatory images of despair, or even of “poverty.”

This series in the “Resilient Rural America” project is part of the BNG Storytelling Projects Initiative. Has the United States forgotten its countryside? What strength and resilience may yet be stirring outside our city limits? In “Resilient Rural America,” we attempt to answer these questions when we visit these unique communities to examine the singular nature of poverty in rural America and tell the stories of development among its courageous and resilient people.

This series is written by Blake Tommey. Photos and videos are by Blake Tommey. 

Southeast Kentucky 10

Terrified yet courageous in the face of violence, Mountain Moms survive together

I was undoubtedly one of the only men ever to visit Mountain Moms, a group formed precisely to heal the ...
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Southeast Kentucky 6

Living in poverty is hard work

Too often people in the United States see individuals like Glynda Jackson and Tamara Daffron and completely misjudge them. They ...
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Southeast Kentucky 1

Southeast Kentucky: Enduring images

Despite  — and possibly because of — the struggle and vulnerability in Kentucky’s rural communities, the images that truly endure ...
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Photo Gallery: Southeast Kentucky

View the photo gallery from Southeast Kentucky ...
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Video: Scarlette Jasper reflects on the compassion of a family in need

Watch the interview with Scarlette Jasper who reflects on the compassion of a family in need ...
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Video: Scarlette Jasper Reinterprets Rural Poverty

Watch the interview with Scarlette Jasper who reinterprets rural poverty ...
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Video: What makes Glynda Jackson angry?

Video: What makes Glynda Jackson angry?

Watch the interview with about what makes Glynda Jackson angry ...
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Video: Tamara Daffron finds stability through financial health mentorship

Watch the interview about Tamara Daffron who finds stability through financial health mentorship ...
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