Setting the table

Scott Dickison

As the church we hope host a divine dinner party to which all are invited.

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A tribute to Dean Alan Culpepper: The man and the myth

Brett Younger

I do not know which stories are true, but here is some of what I heard.

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A new church is coming

Molly T. Marshall

And that matters for Baptists seeking to craft a new future.

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Technology and a quality life: a delicate balance

Nora Lozano

Digital devices can be a blessing or a curse.

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What ‘religious freedom’ used to mean

Corey Fields

Today it’s becoming the cry of the privileged and powerful concerning what they can deny someone else because of religious beliefs.

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Civility and tolerance when absolutes clash

David Gushee

What we all can learn from Indiana and its aftermath.

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Bapticostals and Episcojewbus: Hybridity, unity and faith

Jason Coker

Finding unity in the diversity.

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Top 10 reasons people cite for not attending church services

Bill Wilson

The growing issue of frequency of attendance is impacting congregations.

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Sex and religious liberty: 2015 and 1645

Bill Leonard

The more things change ...

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Resurrection hurts

Amy Butler

After the Easter sugar high ends, the real work of resurrection begins.

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10 things Millennials DON’T say about church

Aileen Lawrimore

Such as, “I felt too connected there. That church included me as an active part of ministry. I’d much rather be a project than a partner.”

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‘It is finished’: The spiritual practice of daily examen

Jayne Davis

What opportunities did you take and those that you didn’t?

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Is love a mandate or an emotion?

Molly T. Marshall

It’s a long-term attitude of the heart that must be learned.

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Suicide: many questions, few answers

Doyle Sager

But there must be a way forward.

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Jesus’ law of respecting persons

Kyle Henderson

Putting “civil” back into the equation.

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