If you really want to make your pastor’s day

Barry Howard

How about faithful participation in the life of the church?

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Is the traditional church sinking in a communication storm?

Natalie Aho

Today communications is all about strategy and it’s essential.

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Dying well

Jonathan Waits

Suicide is a delicate and complex issue. Can it ever be an appropriate Christian response?

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Houston subpoenas doubly disturbing

Marv Knox

It both violates religious freedom and fans the fears of conspiracy theorists.

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Recovering Allhallowtide

Scott Dickison

Halloween invokes an important Christian approach to death: laughing at it.

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‘Fury,’ an enlightening war movie not for the faint of heart

Michael Parnell

“Fury,” starring Brad Pitt, is a modern parable about the horrors of war.

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Can we move past a narcissistic gospel yet?

Seth Vopat

Salvation is not purely a personal event.

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Spiritual gifts are from God

George Bullard

So why do they make us uncomfortable?

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Evangelicals must learn from Vatican report

Alan Rudnick

We can find a way to come to a common table and learn to be with “the other.”

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Discussing ‘Left Behind’? Don’t leave this behind

Kevin Glenn

Conversations about the future spark lively discussion.

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Praying the Jesus way

Doyle Sager

It’s not for the faint of heart.

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Keep love flowing, even when it seems ineffective

Joseph Phelps

An encounter with a soon-to-be murderer is a reminder of connections.

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Tebowing 2.0: Prayer, the NFL and religious diversity

Andrew Daugherty

Prayer is not a problem subject to penalty by a rulebook.

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World Communion Sunday leads across the divide

Terry Maples

The annual observance is a reminder to live in solidarity with sisters and brothers around the globe.

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A strange invitation to uncommon discipleship

Greg Jarrell

Finding encouragement to stick with the odd adventure of following Jesus.

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