“The Forerunners of Christ with Saints and Martyrs,” attributed to Fra Angelico. At the National Gallery in London. This panel comes from the predella (the lowest part) of an altarpiece made for the church of San Domenico, Fiesole, near Florence. Its figures look toward the central panel, which shows Christ resurrected from the dead. Lined up in neat rows are — from top to bottom –— 21 biblical figures regarded by the Christian church as precursors of Christ, male martyr saints and female martyr saints. The top row includes only one New Testament figure: Saint John the Baptist, holding a cross and wearing a camel skin tunic. He looks directly at us and points toward Christ; in the Gospel of John he announced Christ’s ministry and significance as the son of God. The male martyrs include Saint Stephen, heading up the middle row. He wears green and has a stone on his shoulder, a reference to his stoning. Below him, in red, is Saint Thecla, the first female martyr.