Why aren’t more Christians refusing service?

Brett Younger

More Christians could be on the front page if they took the rules as seriously as Kim Davis does.

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Women in the world of the Pope

Molly T. Marshall

Surely the marginalization of women in the church requires sustained attention.

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History, immigration and the future

Nora Lozano

We must recognize the glorious parts of history as well as those that are hurtful, distressing, embarrassing and perhaps shameful.

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La historia, la inmigración y el futuro

Nora O. Lozano

Necesitamos reconocer tanto las partes gloriosas de la historia así como también las dolorosas, perturbadoras, penosas y quizá hasta vergonzosas.

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Christian stuff the world needs, part 2: Lose your life

Corey Fields

The “self-made individual” is something of a virtue today, but the problem is that it’s a lie.

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Immigration: Where’s the line?

Mark Wingfield

Most pastors work hard to leave politics out of the pulpit. Sometimes, that results in leaving theology out of the pulpit, too.

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Never forget

Jason Coker

Some things cannot, and should not, be forgotten.

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Are denominational bodies doomed?

Bill Wilson

What the end of the “Institutional Denominational Era” means to the local church.

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Making more ‘nones’ (ASAP)

Bill Leonard

Is religiosity in politics helping to empty the church?

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The Pope who caught us unawares

Amy Butler

Pope Francis is doing what we were supposed to be doing all along.

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Backward priorities: Athletics first, church last

Aileen Lawrimore

What kind of impact is that having on children and youth?

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The spiritual practice of putting down roots

Jayne Hugo Davis

Some things you only get to see when you stick around awhile.

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Religious freedom and human rights

Molly T. Marshall

Too many draw the line when these freedoms are claimed in the service of sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Gandhi and the Baptist preacher

Doyle Sager

An international “odd couple” can teach us how to co-exist in 21st century pluralism.

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Are you hearing me?

Kyle Henderson

Diversity is such hard work and we are not good at it.

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