No ashes on Wednesday

Jayne Hugo Davis

What can you offer on Ash Wednesday if your jar of ashes is empty?

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Desperate for the Holy

Molly T. Marshall

For many, there is great difficulty in getting into God’s presence.

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Theology of fun

Jason Coker

To have fun in the face of evil and turmoil and ugliness is almost revolutionary.

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The aging of grief

Doyle Sager

Death doesn’t just rob us of a sibling, spouse or child right now; the loss is permanent.

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Bumper sticker theology

Aileen Lawrimore

Prayer works, but that means a lot more than we sometimes suggest.

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Safe space?

John Chandler

Heaven help us if young adults aren’t dreaming about a society safer than the one we’re in.

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Them and us?

Bill Leonard

This election year we seem obsessed with us against them; we just can’t agree on who “they” are or which “us” is us.

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Unremarkable, but lovely

Scott Dickison

What a civil, and even warm, conversation among three leaders of differing faiths can look like.

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When church really isn’t what we think it is

Amy Butler

God is there in the warmth and light and messiness and hope and utter, miraculous gift of community.

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Addicted to fear

Mark Wingfield

Many of us seem to derive pleasure from being scared to death.

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Religious terrorism

Brett Younger

Please don’t judge Christians by those who have committed terrorist acts.

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Grievous words

Molly T. Marshall

The coarsening of public discourse is alarming, and great harm can be inflicted through venomous speech.

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Sharing seeds of hope

Nora Lozano

Too often, the concept of God is distorted by human power struggles manifested through gender, class or race issues.

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Compartiendo semillas de esperanza

Nora O. Lozano

Con frecuencia el concepto de Dios es distorsionado debido a luchas humanas de poder que se manifiestan a través de conflictos de género, clase o raza.

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Avoid thy neighbor?

Corey Fields

Jesus said to love our neighbor. Maybe too few of us even know our neighbor.

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