Thankful for praying communities

Nora Lozano

The good news is that prayer does not depend on me.

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Agradecida por las comunidades de oración

Nora O. Lozano

La buena noticia es que la oración no depende de mí.

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Seminaries reluctantly selling their souls

Brett Younger

Is it really a seminary education if we are not worshiping together, praying with one another or talking about Jesus between classes?

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It’s not about the ‘thank you’

Corey Fields

Gratitude boils down to our understanding of what we deserve.

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What if your city’s history were projected on your church?

Mark Wingfield

What would “stick” and what would fade away?

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My brother, where art thou?

Jason Coker

A transformative moment in the refugee crisis.

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The tired arms of ministers

Bill Wilson

Clergy have described their vocation as both the highest calling and an impossible calling.

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Gold, frankincense and espresso

Bill Leonard

You can’t trust the world to preserve the Bethlehem story.

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Love will conquer hate

Amy Butler

The minute we give in to the fear and violence, hatred and death all around us, we become part of the problem.

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Cocoa butter advice

Aileen Lawrimore

We don’t know how to make the pain go away, so we fill the gap with words of dubious relevance.

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All I want for Christmas is rest

Jayne Hugo Davis

Clear out space in the manger of your cluttered spirit that can hold the coming Christ child.

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A ‘kairos’ moment in Myanmar

Molly T. Marshall

Eighty percent of voters cast their ballot in a “people’s victory.”

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World religions, up close and personal

Doyle Sager

Too often, our bold witness ends the conversation before it begins.

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Stop going to church

Jeff Hood

Concentrating on growing the church means that you have ceased to concentrate on what it means to actually be the church in a world of crippling injustice.

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Do you believe in us?

Elijah Zehyoue

One of the nagging questions for many Millennials is, “Will anyone trust me to actually lead them?”

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