Millennials and evangelism: An attempt at dialogue

Aileen Lawrimore

Can we embrace the idea of sharing our stories without the compulsion to be right all the time?

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The spiritual practice of load shedding

Jayne Hugo Davis

It may be necessary to shed some things in order to recognize God’s power in our midst.

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An encompassing Christology

Molly T. Marshall

God’s plan to bring all together through Christ is the fulcrum of Holy Scripture.

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Looking for new ways to measure ministry?

Doyle Sager

You’ll need a clear mission statement and your church will need to know what that is.

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The conversation churches do not want to have

Bill Wilson

How many staff members a church needs and can afford is a conversation that no one wants to have, but good stewardship demands it.

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Musical Chairs and the leaders of dying organizations

Mark Wingfield

Being the last person at the helm could be a place of honor more than shame, if the leader thinks creatively.

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John Chandler

Making our lives, and our churches, simpler.

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Losing Sunday

Starlette McNeill

For ministers, Sunday isn’t just another day at the office.

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Dunn deals

Bill Leonard

Memories of a Baptist preacher, professor, ethicist, religious liberty advocate, prophet and relentless pain in the American religious and political establishment.

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A lavish welcome to the table

Amy Butler

Exclusion from communion hurt more than I expected. Until I felt a hand on my shoulder.

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Which direction are you headed in?

Scott Dickison

The church has a hard time thinking about the future.

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When the Klan came to our revival

Brett Younger

Reflecting on it 45 years later.

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Pursuing a well-lived life

Molly T. Marshall

It is our refusal to live within limits that is our original sin.

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I want to belong

Nora Lozano

For church leaders, that can pose a unique challenge.

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A humble plea: Go easy on your pastor

Corey Fields

There’s a lot on our cultural plate. Tensions are high. That makes it challenging to be a leader of any church.

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